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Quickrly Affiliate Program


To Joining Our Affiliate Program & Start Earning Six Figure Income You Have To Follow The Steps Mentioned Below.  

Quickrly Affiliate Program


Enroll For All-In-One
Digital Skill Development Program


Looking To Earn Without Practiced Skills Is Like Flying A Helicopter With User Manual.

Join Quickrly Academy To Learn The 2021’s Most Demanded Professional Skills In Corporate World  

From Online Marketing To Network & Affiliate Marketing, We Cover Every Necessary Module Required In Modern Corporate World


Quickrly Affiliate Program

Full course content

Step 2

Become An Affiliate


As Training Goes On 

Practically Apply The Digital Skills To Become An Influencer & Earn Levels Commission On Every Referral.


How does Levels work?


Meet Sheena, How She’s Transforming Her & Friends Through Affiliate Program. 

She Referred 5 Of Her Friends, And Helped Them For Their 5, And See How Her Team Grows Automatically Till 10th Level.


Quickrly Affiliate Program

Level Commissions
From Referrals

Sheena Only Join’s 5 Of Her Friends In Our Affiliate Program Check Her Monthly Income:


1st Month Payout = ₹5250/-

Step 3

Become A
Licensed ERp distributor

Quickrly Affiliate Program


As Sheena & Friends Proceeded With Registering Only 1 Nearby Store With Quickrly ERP, They Got An ERP Distribution License.


What Is Quickrly ERP?


Till Now Local Business  Rely Upon Different Service Provider For Different Needs Of Their Business Such As Ecommerce, Advertising Sales POS, CRM, Delivery, Accounting, Inventory Management & MuchMore..

Quickrly Automates Most Of These Business Process By Providing All Services In A Single Dashboard, Accessable From Any Device, Any Where In The World.

Let’s See Some Basic Features Of Quickrly ERP


Quickrly ERP

Whom To Register?

Any Business In The Local Market Selling Any Product Example Grocery Store, Furniture Shops, Boutiques, Electronics, Large Appliances.

Level Commissions From Team's ERP Distribution

By The Time She Registered 1 store to unlock her erp distribution Income, Some Members Of Her Team Have Already Unlocked Theirs. and She Got Accumulated Income From Her Teams Distribution.

Quickrly Affiliate Program

1st Month Payout
= ₹ 14250/-

Re-purchase Income From Team's Store Online Orders

Calculating 100 Daily Orders From  50 Stores,Minimum Order @₹200/-, Company Takes Fixed 5% Margin/Order & Commision Starts @ 15% From Level 1 .

Check How The Sales Would grow in a month


Quickrly Affiliate Program

1st Month Payout

Note: This Repurchase Value Will Be Added To Your Wallet, Can Be Used To Purchase Anything From Quickrly

Sheena's Total 1st Month Payout From 5 Referrals & 5 Distributions
(5250 + 14250+ 450)

Disclaimer : We Are Not Encouraging or Asking You To Join Our Program, This Is Just The Minimum Amount Any Person Can Passively Generate For Lifetime, Also Helping Our Local Retail To Sustainably Grow & Manage Their Business And Help Consumers To Get Not Just Grocery & Food But Anything in Need, Just In A Few Minutes.

Your Success Is Our Purpose

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When I First Heard About Quickrly I Was Amazed By The Concept Of It, How It's Helping The Economy As A Whole, Quickrly Is The Most Problem Solving Service To Local Markeptlace, Consumers, Also Distributing More Than Half Of Its Revenue Back To Users.
Rahul Gupta
Quickrly Is The Business Of Future. Joining Quickrly Is The Best Decision I Ever Made, I Am Already Earning A Handsome Amount Without Applying much effort. And Earning 6 Figures Is Very Easy Through This.
Asad Ali
Quickrly Has The Power To Change The Future , The Vision Of Quickrly Is Not For Profit, But To Empower Businsess & Consumers, To Provide Financial & Liberty To All Segments Of Society And When A Vision Of A Company Is So Clear, There's No Way Not To Join It
Ashok Patel
Quickrly Affiliate Program